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Mi smo Kopimisti. Mi verujemo.
We are Kopimists
. We believe.

Kopimi was coined as a concept in the early 2000′s on a pirate Agency Forum.  Kopimi, from the word “copy me”, is an invitation to copy.  Kopimi is the name of an attitude to life, animated by the desire to be copied and copied. For us the question of freedom to copy is not political, but much deeper than that.

The Church of Kopimism does not make claims regarding gods or supernatural forces. Life as we know it originated with the DNA molecule’s ability to duplicate itself, irrespective of the original creation of the Universe.  The process is the most basic element of life, nature, and the DNA is really just an information carrier, a result of molecular segments that determine who we become. Reproduction is the very condition for cell division and life in the form we know it.

Copying is fundamental to life and runs constantly all around us. Shared information provides new perspectives and generate new life. We feel a spiritual connection to the created file.

An important feature of our church is the missionary message. From all to one and from one to all – and then back again – exchange without beginning and without end. Everything to everyone’s delight, and everybody’s joy of it all. No one is excluded from the global community of knowledge and information sharing.  Every believer has all knowledge – all knowledge is spread by every believer to all people without exception. Start the exponential cascade.

Languages are cultural expressions of different ways to exchange information, and are essential tools for most social animals.  Culture itself develops in concert with the dissemination and evolution of languages.  It is not possible to distinguish the spread of culture from the creative process because it is virtually the same thing. As with language, culture becomes useless and dies out if it does not spread. Copying is creating. To create is to copy. That something occurs out of nothing is an absurd idea.

The missionary Church of Kopimism applied to become a registered religious community because we deserve the same recognition and respect other faiths. Soon we will also apply for marriages, as well as for government support to expand our business.

We humans always want answers to difficult questions. Kopimism is a creed that tries to answer the existential question: what is the meaning of life? We believe the answer lies in the copying, distribution and remixing of information

Kopimists Sweden: http://kopimistsamfundet.se/english/
Kopimists USA: http://kopimistsamfundet.us/
Kopimists Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopimism

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